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[Jan. 22nd, 2009|10:54 pm]
Dave McKean fans


Hi, I am not sure if this post is all that relevant, and it's kind of a long shot, but I really couldn't find many places to ask...

I'm looking for a specific image from an issue of Gaiman's Sandman, that I wish to get tattooed. I've only got the bound trades, and because this image goes over a double page spread, it distorts the middle quite badly. I was wondering if anyone had any of the regular paper issues, and would be able to scan the one panel for me? I can't find the issue I need for sale anywhere, and even if I could find it, I probably couldn't afford to buy it.

The image would only be for personal use, just to be able to get a flat copy of it to take to a tattooist. I don't think sharing that would breach any copyright/distribution issues?

The scan I'm looking for is a strip of images of Matthew the raven, flying with a photograph in his beak. It's in the Doll's House trade, in the same story as Rose searching for her younger brother.

If anyone could help out, I would really appreciate it, I adore the artwork and don't want to spoil it by using a distorted image. X-posted, a bit

[User Picture]From: monetgypsy
2009-01-22 08:00 pm (UTC)
I have about 40 single issue Sandmans at home, I don't know if I have that one but I'll try to remember to look for it when I go home today.
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From: edburton
2009-02-16 04:37 pm (UTC)

Matthew image

Hi. I scan the image of Matthew that you want ( the strips of Matthew flying whit a photo). But i don`t know how to post an image in Livejournal. If you know how please tell me. So, i will investigate the way to post it 4 you.
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