Sid Ceaser (sidceaser) wrote in davemckean,
Sid Ceaser

DVD collection finally available for pre-order!!!!!

Dave's compilation of short films is now available for pre-order on dvd:

Keanoshow, A Collection of Short Films by Dave McKean

In this stunning showcase of seventeen short works from designer, animator, and director Dave McKean (Mirrormask), surreal and evocative images combine with strange and original stories, to create a world of memory and dreams.

Blending live-action, drawings, collage, and computer animation--the films included in this definitive collection share sensibilities with his award-winning comics (Sandman, Cages, Mr. Punch, Signal To Noise) and children's books collaborations (The Wolves in the Walls, Coraline). From the disquieting ghost story "N[eon]" to the playful creation narrative "The Week Before", these films evoke both the earliest experiments in silent cinema, and the most contemporary of digital creations. The film "Show + Tell" traces the evolution of McKean's moving picture works, and his mall, trusted team that would progress to making feature films.

Disc contains:
Short films: The Week Before (23 mins.), N[eon] (28 mins.), Displacements (22 mins.), Whack! (14.5 mins.), Dawn (9 mins.)

Extra Moving Things: Sonnet No. 138, Raindance 7, Reason, Reminded, Kodak - Take Pictures Further (documentary), A Short Film for Adobe (documentary), Signal To Noise (sampler), Show and Tell (documentary)

Music films: Buckethead "The Ballad of Buckethead", Lowcraft "One of Us", Izzy "Una Furtiva Lagrima", Iain Ballammy/Stian Carstenen

Extra Still Things: Biography, Essay 25 Lessons a Second, Photography portfolio, Illustration portfolio

Amazon has it up for pre-order here for $19.99:

EVEN BETTER is that has it on pre-order for $13.55 with FREE SHIPPING!

Lets all let out a collective "WOO HOO!" for finally getting stuff like "The Week Before" on dvd!!!

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